Fresh off the stage in the Netherlands, Alessandro Pierozzi is an Italian DJ and Producer now based in Chile. His latest single, “Eternal,” marks the twelve chapter in his musical journey. Alessandro is diving headfirst into the world of Melodic Techno, Progressive House, and even the electrifying realms of Hard Techno and Acid.He has accumulated over nine million streams all over the streaming platforms, and his tracks have been signed to renowned labels such as Armada Music, Paraíso Records, Innergated and Aesthete.His music is a fusion of influences that span the years, blending both organic and electronic elements. Alessandro’s mission is to bridge the gap between the analog and virtual realms of music, delivering passion and emotions to music lovers worldwide.The artist has played at big clubs and festivals, locally at the internationally renowned Club La Feria, where DJ Mag ranks as the 36th best in the world, and abroad, captivating audiences in esteemed Dutch venues.

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